Upper Secondary School


The Upper Secondary School consists of Forms 4, 5, Lower 6 and Upper 6, equivalent to Years 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Forms 4 and 5 are equivalent to Key Stage 4 of the UK educational system.

The 2-year 6th Form course is the same as the English pre-university course.

It shares a compound, teachers and 14 departments, namely; Art, Biology, Chemistry, Counselling, Economics and Business, English Language, English Literature, Information Technology, Library, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Physical Education, Physics and Social Studies, with the Lower Secondary School.

There are teachers allocated to this section. However, these teach also teach some classes in the Lower Secondary School. Similarly,

School Aims:

The purpose of The Royal International High School is to provide an excellent and stimulating education for boys and girls, by developing character, intellect and physical well being within a happy, scholarly and caring community. In order to achieve this, the School aims:

To provide dedicated and enthusiastic staff, who enable pupils to enjoy their education and to fulfil their all round potential whilst at school;

To encourage the growth of reflection, intellectual curiosity and creativity, within a spirit of independent and co-operative learning;

to provide a challenging and balanced curriculum, which prepares pupils for the next stage of their education and equipping them with skills for life;

to offer a wide range of activities and opportunities for enrichment, enabling pupils to develop sporting and cultural interests through participation with others;

to celebrate achievement and success in all areas of endeavour, within a purposeful and secure community;

To encourage development of character, a sense of responsibility, spiritual values, and a strong personal and moral code, leading to the highest standards of behaviour and consideration for others;

Strategic Objectives

Teaching and Learning

Combine the best of traditional standards with other good teaching practice

Maintain and develop a high quality curriculum which encourages independent and co-operative learning

Ensure best use of time

Thoroughly cover The National Curriculum; aspire and plan to do more

Pupil Achievement and Personal Development

Ensure all pupils are challenged and stimulated


Promote School and the TRIPS brand

Resources and Premises

Ensure a high standard of maintenance and refurbishment of existing facilities and resources

Continue development of the TRIHS site and sports Facilities

Links with Parents and the Community

Ensure parents continue to feel involved and well informed

Maintain effective community relations