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"Prayer does not equip & Empower us for breakthrough and greater works.
Prayer is Breakthrough & greater work."

The goal of the School of Prayer is to equip and spread the vision of prayer all over the world and to see our cities, communities, towns; villages  to operate in the might of God’s power by overcoming all forces of darkness and to reveal Jesus Christ as God's Glory & Power through the Holy Ghost.


We desire to see churches unified and built up in prayer.

We want to spread regular intercession throughout the nations with opportunity for intercessors to be encouraged, motivated, and trained.

We desire that the division, isolation and discouragement in the Christian community is broken.

We want intercessors to have creative opportunities for involvement in order to spread the vision of prayer. We long for growth in prayer on a grass roots level where all believers see their responsibility in prayer; evangelism, where every neighborhood experience and where there is a prayer shield of protection over cities and nations.

We envisage that the power of intercessors networking together, at the initiative and direction of the Holy Spirit, could have a massive effect in the release of God's glory throughout the world; where Intercessors united together could release a force of power such as we have not seen before; a prayer force that will touch the nations and that will set the captives free in cities all over the world. There is power in unity, there is power in intercession, and there is the potential of bringing in the last days harvest. God is preparing us for a sustained revival.

We must be ready for worldwide harvest. The fields are ripe. Pray for your part as an intercessor in this vision, because we must all work together. We have not seen the breakthrough in the nations as we have so desired. The full release of God’s mission’s force and ministries has been held back by satanic forces. Intercessors have a breakthrough anointing that can push back the kingdom of darkness in order that the light of God's purposes to truly flourish. We encourage you to arise as an intercessor.

If you would like to subscribe to school of Prayer and receive a free weekly e-mail to encourage, motivate and train you in prayer and intercession, send a blank e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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