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Sponsor a Well in Africa

Building and Follow-Up

The well building process is more involved than just digging a hole. The Water Project, recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to these water projects.

Their process includes a thorough site survey, sanitation training, evangelism, training of villagers in pump repair, and establishment of a water committee to oversee well use and maintenance.

The Royals Intl’s Mission Ministries will also regularly check up on wells to

Help. Give Water and Improve Health.

For often less than $20 per person, The Water Project is able to work with local partners to provide access to clean water as well as hygiene and sanitation programs. These training programs greatly reduce the disease burden in their communities, allowing villagers to increase their productivity and begin working themselves out of poverty. You can be a part of the solution to reduce disease among the worlds poorest communities.

Poor health leads to poor productivity.

The sickness caused by dirty water saps people's energy to do much of anything. If you've ever had food poisoning, you know how horrible it can be. Students who suffer from water borne illness can't stay in class. They miss out on the chance to learn and the cycle of poverty continues. That and when one person is sick, someone else has to take care of them, which means that the second person can't work either. If the sick person needs medicine, that money can't be used used for other things, like food or school supplies.

Rural dwellers and the urban poor feel the lack of safe water and proper sanitation in the developing world the most. With few medical resources at their disposal, the poor are particularly vulnerable to chronic illnesses that hinder their productivity, making the escape from poverty even more difficult.



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