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The Royals Intl. Political Leaders Program (TRIPLP) is a leadership development program for all interested in becoming more active in public service, whether as Presidential, Ministerial, community leaders or as elected officials. Participation in this program has become a traditional "first step" for future political leaders in the World.


TRIPLP curriculum is focused on three core subject areas:

Ethics in Public Service

The program will include a study of general ethical principles as they relate to public service. We also explore methodologies to both physical and spiritual principles to leadership The practical application of bipartisan cooperation in politics, including the use of mediation techniques, is also a central theme throughout the program.

Public Policy

Participants will enjoy presentations and discussions regarding a variety of public policy issues facing our countries and its local governments—This program addresses transportation, education, healthcare, economic development, crime and public safety, and the environment. Program speakers include current and former elected officials, cabinet secretaries, business and non-profit leaders, and other experts in each field.

Campaign and Advocacy Skills

The program surveys the key elements of winning political and issue advocacy campaigns. Topics may include fundraising, campaign finance laws, message development, crisis management, working with the media, and more. (For those interested in an intensive, "ready-to-run" campaign education,




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