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Children's Ministry

Our children are challenged through Bible study and activities that make learning God's word fun!  Our Sunday School teachers at TRIMMS, seeks to bring the truth of the Bible to life.  Children experience fun, friendship, and faith through the Children's programs.  At TRIMMS, it is our desire for children to know God and His love.  We want children to learn about the Bible so that they can take God's Word with them everywhere they go.


Sunday Mornings:

10:00 a.m. Service

RoyalHeirs (ages 3 - grade 1)

Our bright and well-equipped nursery is staffed with loving, caring and attentive workers.  You can feel free to attend the church service knowing that children are being cared for in a safe and loving environment. Biblical songs, games, activities and stories will be provided.

Children love this curriculum-based ministry! It offers a fun, age-appropriate introduction to the Bible, and its stories and lessons.  The leaders and helpers share God’s love, interacting through the use of stories, lessons, crafts, music, play & snack.


The “PRE-YOUTH”” is where the action is! RoyalHeir’s uses a fun, exciting and Bible-centered curriculum that teaches, entertains, and answers the important life questions! Children and leaders meet in a large-group setting where they worship, listen and interact with the Up-Front Leaders who creatively present the lesson through drama, story or other forms.  They then break off into small-groups with children their own age where the emphasis is on life application of the Bible lesson, and building relationship with their leaders and peers.  This is a FUN, interactive, one-on-one time to explore their faith and challenge themselves into a lasting relationship with their Saviour, Jesus Christ.

RoyalHeir Fiesta

Periodically throughout the year we ramp things up with a Friday night gathering called RoyalHeir Fiesta. This is an event for children aged three through to grade six.  RoyalHeir Fiesta gives children an opportunity to invite their friends for a Friday night filled with fun, games, laughter, food and entertainment.



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