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The RoyalYouths - Youth Fellowship organizes ongoing Saturday meetings for those seeking to discover God or wishing to find a new depth in their spiritual life. The aims of this vision are to nurture and sustain their relationship with the Lord.

The meeting provides an atmosphere of heartfelt prayer, especially through praise and worship music, which gives a much needed space for a time of personal response to the Lord’s Word and presence. Emphasis is therefore given to unpacking the meaning of God’s Word through various teachings which make the Scripture relevant and practical to our everyday lives.

The gatherings are also a chance for youth to develop and foster friendships and create a sense of community. Whoever wishes can also receive the necessary encouragement to persevere in their spiritual walk through the support of the team members who are always available to listen and provide godly counsel.


These events will be as informal gatherings where the people who attend the Saturday meeting regularly come together and bring their friends for these particular events. In this relaxed atmosphere they can interact and enjoy themselves through the various initiatives that are organized such as film nights, jazz nights, games, treasure hunts, BBQS.


Youth Fellowship organizes a number of retreats, the best known being the yearly open Fire retreat called ‘Come and See’. Through its tried and tested method, the weekend programme consisting of contemporary praise and worship music, times of prayer, relevant and interesting talks, and interactive small group has helped many young people discover and come into real contact with God’s love and truth.




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